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Chuu Makes Emotional Solo Debut With The Support Of LOONA Members

We wish her the best of luck!

Singer Chuu, who overcame the conflict with her former agency, has officially taken her first steps as a solo artist with the support of LOONA. She opened up about her conflict with the former agency during her solo debut album showcase.

Chuu shared her nervousness about making her solo debut six years after her initial group debut. She stated, “Six years after debut, I am finally making my solo debut. I put in much effort and research to get to this point. I will perform on stage with a grateful heart.”


Her solo debut album, Howl, contains the story of two people with scars becoming little heroes for each other in their own small world. Chuu expresses her identity with her attractive vocals and unique musical color.

Also, she shed tears on this day as she recalled the conflict with her former agency, Blockberry Creative. After her debut as a member of LOONA in 2018, she received much love for her bright and bubbly personality. However, Chuu was the first to take issue with her settlement and filed a provisional injunction against the agency to suspend the effect of her exclusive contract.


However, the agency kicked her out, claiming she verbally abused staff and attempted to sign a contract with another agency before her contract expired. Afterward, all members requested a temporary injunction against Blockberry to suspend their contract and ultimately won the case, making them free.

With this, Chuu replied, “Honestly, I was sad and frustrated that an unwanted topic became an issue. I apologized to the fans, who must have had a harder time than me. So I told the fans that I had never done anything dishonorable to them. I was able to confidently prepare the album due to this faith.”


So, despite the conflicts, LOONA still boasted their strong friendship. Chuu also expressed her gratitude to the members for supporting her solo debut.

I also played my music to the members of LOONA to see their reactions. The members gave me a lot of support and said they liked the songs and that it suited me well. I received a lot of encouragement, and it gave me motivation.

While working on the album, there were times of difficulties and concern. It was then that the members listened and shared their thoughts. They told me the song suited me and that I could express it easily. The members sent me texts and helped me overcome my anxiety. I am so thankful to them.

In regards to the new album, she stated, “I hope that this album will give many people a new perception of me, and numerically, I hope that it stays on the album charts for a long time.”



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