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Crush’s Unfiltered Reaction To His Voice Cracking During A Performance Is Relatable AF

Jonathan Thona jokingly called on Crush to explain the “problematic scene.”

Crush was the most recent guest on TheKstarNextDoor, and the host, Jonathan Thona, let the soloist know he had some explaining to do.

Crush | @crush9244/Instagram

Crush is actively promoting his new single “Rush Hour,” featuring BTS‘s J-Hope. “Rush Hour” marks Crush’s first release since completing his mandatory military service on August 11.

Crush wasted no time returning to the studio, wanting to greet fans again with his music.

Crush (left) and BTS’s J-Hope (right) | P Nation

Crush shared how hard J-Hope worked on the song with him, saying he didn’t take a break during the three hours he was in the recording studio. Crush praised J-Hope’s professionalism, with him and Jonathan concluding it’s due to the next-level status of BTS.

Before they expanded on Crush’s new song, Jonathan hilariously pulled up keywords associated with Crush to ask the soloist for an explanation of each.

The first keyword was “fight,” and Jonathan read a netizen comment that wanted to “urgently” know if Crush was good at fighting. This led Jonathan to jokingly ask Crush why he had so many enemies, to which Crush hilariously cursed in response.

After apologizing for letting a curse word slip, he quickly clarified he had never been in a fight in his life.

He shared that because he was a good singer, he was well-liked in school so he never had any issues.

When that was cleared up, Jonathan wanted to know about the “sorry f**k” incident, which was ironic after Crush’s censored response to the previous keyword. When Crush looked confused about why those words would be associated with him, Jonathan had him watch a YouTube clip titled “Problematic Scene.”

When the clip was done, Crush casually responded, “oh, that.” The clip showed Crush performing live; as he sang, his voice cracked. He continued as if nothing happened until he suddenly and surprisingly said “sorry f**k” into the mic a few moments later and then carried on with the performance.

Crush explained that he was apologetic that his voice cracked, so his response “sorry f**k” naturally came out. The moment was surprisingly humble and authentic, making the idol seem more relatable.

Crush hilariously owned the candid and uncensored moment, showing his true down-to-earth personality.

Check out the rest of their fun interview below!



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