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Does BABYMONSTER Have A Leader? The Internal Dynamics Of YG Entertainment’s New Girl Group

What’s your guess?

BABYMONSTER is the latest group to come from YG Entertainment. They made their debut with “SHEESH” on April 1, marking the official start of their journey as idols.

BABYMONSTER differentiated themselves from other groups with their teen hip hop concept which they related to their “baby” and “monster” name. And unlike most groups, they also don’t follow the typical member dynamics.

BABYMONSTER | YG Entertainment

Specifically, none of them were pronounced the leader of the group. This was a fact that they confirmed in their debut showcase. Instead of one person stepping up at all times to keep everyone in check, different members are in charge of different things.

Oldest member Ruka, for instance, leads dance practices.


She was praised by choreographer Lee Jung for her strong skills in this category.

Meanwhile, Ahyeon and Rami are in charge of vocal training. These two are known for being some of the strongest vocalists in the group as was seen in their reality show The Last Evaluation.

BABYMONSTER is not the first YG Entertainment group to forego a leadership position. BLACKPINK, their predecessors, also does not have any leader.


On the other hand, groups in YG Entertainment’s history that had leaders include BIGBANG (G-Dragon), 2NE1 (CL), and WINNER (YOON). TREASURE even has two leaders: Hyunsuk and Jihoon.

Hyunsuk (Left) and Jihoon (Right) | YG Select

Read more about it below.

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Source: Korea Joongang Daily



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