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EXID Struggles To Do The “Gyaru Peace” Trend, Sparking A Debate Among The Members

Jeonghwa proves she’s still EXID’s loveable “mischievous maknae” after 10 years.

EXID recently surprised fans by reuniting and releasing a new mini-album for their tenth anniversary.

(From left to right) EXID’s Hani, LE, Solji (seated), Hyelin, and Jeonghwa | @exidofficial/Instagram

The group debuted in 2012 and saw their popularity skyrocket after the viral success of their hit song “Up & Down” in 2014.

The mini-album includes four songs, and their title song, “FIRE,” was recorded in Korean and English for international fans.

EXID “FIRE” concept photo | @exidofficial/Instagram

To celebrate their return, the group recorded behind-the-scenes content for fans to follow along with their comeback preparations.

The video showed the group recording together again for the first time in three years after they went on an indefinite hiatus in 2019. The members were all excited to be together again, arriving at the studio early to chat and catch up with each other

Since they were finally together in the recording studio again, the members all wanted to commemorate the moment by taking a group picture for LEGGOs (EXID fans).

While the group was catching up, they were also catching up on current trends. While posing for the picture, member Hyelin did the popular “Gyaru Peace” pose.

When Hani saw Hyelin, she suggested they all do the “Gyaru Peace” pose together.

After the photo was taken, Jeonghwa suddenly asked the other members if doing the pose made her, the group’s youngest member, look older, proving even groups that have been together for ten years are not exempt from maknae antics. Leader Solji jokingly added that only people in their 30s do the pose, while the members debated if they were “too old” to participate in the trend. Jeonghwa hilariously asked them not to make her do it.

Even though Hyelin was the first to do the pose for the photo, she hilariously proclaimed she struggled because her wrist didn’t bend back far enough while the other members laughed about her sudden confession.

In the end, the older members continued with the “Gyaru Pose” while letting maknae Jeonghwa stick with the standard peace sign.

Check out the article below for more on their reunion!

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