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Fact Check: Did Hyeri Really Send A Food Truck To Ryu Jun Yeol On His Birthday Last Year?

Many netizens saw it as a proof of infidelity.

The recently-announced romance between actors Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol has become a hot topic online, owing to the suspicions of the latter being unfaithful to his former girlfriend, idol-turned-actress Hyeri.

Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram
Ryu Jun Yeol | @ryusdb/Instagram
Hyeri | @hyeri_0609/Instagram

A few days ago, an anonymous netizen post triggered rumors of Ryu and Han’s relationship, which was followed by speculations of Ryu cheating on his ex-girlfriend, given that it was only in November 2023 that the news of their long-term relationship’s end was made public.

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Hyeri with Ryu Jun Yeol

These speculations intensified when Hyeri uploaded a cryptic Instagram post, and then Han So Hee posted an indirect response to her through her own Instagram. The drama peaked with Han So Hee taking to her personal blog to confirm the relationship rumors, clarifying that when she started seeing Ryu, he had already broken up with Hyeri.

First, [Ryu Jun Yeol] and I have feelings for each other and are in a relationship. However, I would like everyone to refrain from using the term ‘hwanseung’ (or literally “Transfer,” a Korean slang for cheating, rebounding, and/or switching). It is true we met through a photo exhibition, but the main purpose of my visiting the photo exhibition was to see the exhibition with my photographer friend. I heard that we might be working together [in a future work] so I went to greet him there.

— Han So Hee

The now-deleted blog post has been put under the microscope by netizens to check its validity. Han claimed that Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol had ended their relationship in early 2023,” later adding that she came to know about it through an article from June. However, many pointed out that there were no reports of their breakup until November 2023.

In the midst of this back-and-forth, some netizens claimed that Hyeri had sent a birthday-special food truck to Ryu while he was on set in 2023. Since Ryu’s birthday is in September, many used this food truck as evidence that he did cheat on Hyeri.



However, this specific claim seems to be inaccurate, as the truck was sent in 2022 and not 2023.

In September 2022, Ryu was filming Money Game when Hyeri sent a coffee truck for all the cast and crew on set to celebrate Ryu’s birthday. The banner on the truck read, “Happy birthday to (my) beloved Ryu Jun Yeol. From Ryu Jun Yeol’s Number 1 fan.” Another banner on the side said, “I have already booked the plane tickets for the ‘Money Game’ team. Next year, let’s go win an Emmy Award!”

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| theqoo

The director of Money Game, Han Jae Rin, also shared on Instagram that Hyeri had personally visited the set. A crew member had even shared a picture with Hyeri, with a caption that said Ryu had taken the photo.

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| theqoo

A photo that Hyeri’s boyfriend clicked.

— The caption

So, even though the claim that Hyeri sent Ryu Jun Yeol a coffee truck for his birthday is true, the timeline is different than what many netizens seem to think.



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