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Famous Couple Defies 24-Year Age Gap And A Father’s Disapproval

They both look younger than they are!

When looking at celebrity couple Hong Kong singer Alex To and filmmaker Ice Lee, one would never guess there is a significant age gap between the two. A gap of 24 years, to be exact!

Alex To (left) and Ice Lee (right)

Alex To, whose career began in 1985, is 62 years old, and his wife is 38, born just a year after her husband’s debut! The pair were married in 2012 when To was 50 and Lee was 26 after meeting through work.



At first, the relationship was not met with open arms by all: Ice Lee’s father, a man only four years older than Alex To, initially disapproved because of the age gap. However, after meeting the singer and seeing how genuine he was, the relationship between Alex To and his father-in-law improved.

Screen Shot 2024-03-09 at 5.13.46 PM
The couple with Ice Lee’s parents (right).

The pair have since had a son, Alex Jr., and have continued aging well, each looking younger than their actual ages.

For their tenth anniversary, Alex To released a track titled “Oh Love,” dedicated to his wife and shared a gorgeous photo shoot of the pair in traditional clothing. 2024 will mark their 12 anniversary, and hope they have many more beautiful years together!

| @alexto_dudewei/Instagram
| @alexto_dudewei/Instagram
| @alexto_dudewei/Instagram

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