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Famous K-Pop Vocal Coach Reacts To JYP Entertainment’s Signature “Half Air, Half Sound” Technique

“Honestly, it’s not like that.”

Singer Lee Seok Hoon recently took a tour of JYP Entertainment‘s headquarters for the popular YouTube show SSULPLY, during which he met with influential figures at the “Big 3” entertainment company, including members of their training team and their longtime vocal coach.

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Guided by TWICE‘s leader Jihyo, who is celebrating 19 years with the company after becoming a JYP Entertainment trainee in 2005, Lee Seok Hoon met some of the longtime employees who assisted Jihyo and fellow idols in making their debut.

One influential figure was famous vocal coach Kim Sung Eun, who has worked with many idols, including members of TWICE and BTS, and was a vocal trainer for Dream High 2 and Produce 101.

Kim Sung Eun | Mnet

Lee Seok Hoon took the opportunity to ask the famed vocal trainer about JYP Entertainment’s famous “half air, half sound” vocal technique, and she finally cleared the air about it after hilariously revealing she’s commonly asked about the technique.

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Kim Sung Eun explained that there is a “refreshing” singing method that utilizes more air for the vocal technique but clarified that she hadn’t said that it needed to be expressed with “half air, half sound” or “half air, half voice.

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She confirmed that people are very curious about the famous technique, and she’s asked about it frequently.

While she clarified the true meaning and shared that she doesn’t personally describe it that way, she did admit that it was JYP Entertainment idols’ signature vocal style.

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