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Famous Rapper Posts Scathing Reply To Netizens After Being Fat Shamed By Them

Will Pan (also known as Wilber Pan) is one of the most famous rappers in Mandopop. The 43-year old has released hit songs such as “Bu De Bu Ai,” “Moonlight,” “Numb,” and more.

Though he is not in the idol industry that is notorious for being weight-conscious, Will Pan was not immune to criticism regarding his body. This occurred in his latest Lunar New Year concert where netizens noticed the change in his appearance.

Will recently went on a delayed honeymoon trip with his wife, Luna Xuan, whom he married in 2023. They visited Finland last month and celebrated their love for each other under the Northern lights. This period also coincided with Christmas and New Year, thus making it more than understandable that the star had gained weight.

Will Pan | @willpan23/Instagram
| @willpan23/Instagram

He was aware of this fact as well. Appearing on stage in an all-black outfit, he gave a disclaimer to the crowd: “I have been on vacation for more than 10 days, but Chinese New Year is about to begin, so I will gain weight along the way.”

Not all netizens were understanding. Upon seeing his figure, they left hate comments including one asking him to “cover his double chin.”

  • I almost didn’t recognize him!
  • How much fat have you gained?
  • Can he still zip his pants fully?
  • Wear a mask to cover [his] double chin.
Will Pan was criticized for his weight gain in recent performance | 8 Days

Will Pan did not leave them be. He took to Instagram to leave the scathing remark, “I dare not see anyone after my vacation,” standing his ground and proving that he would not did not take kindly to being bullied online,.


The rapper is known to constantly gain and lose weight throughout the years, being 95kg at his heaviest.

Will Pan at his heaviest | Rap of China
Will Pan after losing weight | @willpan23/Instagram

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