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Fans Applaud BTS Jin’s Genuine Attitude Towards Traditional Korean Alcohol

The meaning behind the name touched the hearts of many fans.

BTS’s Jin is busy with his last activities before his mandatory military service. He has made traditional Korean rice wine with chef Baek Jong Won on the YouTube show, The Drunken Truth. In the most recent episode, Jin received a name for his rice wine from the chief.

In return for giving the recipe to Jin, the chief asked for just one thing! He hoped that Jin would continue to be interested and study traditional alcohol.

The chief revealed that he gave a lot of thought coming up with the name and hoped that Jin would like it. The name he chose was 사해형제(四海兄弟), which means Brother of four seas, hoping those that taste Jin’s alcohol will all become friends.

Jin also thanked the production crew for allowing him to film something he was passionate about.


Thank you to the production crew for making this show. Our ‘Run BTS’ team is so talented! Let’s double their salary go go! Special thanks to chef Baek, Rok Dam teacher, and superstar Kim Seok Jin. Let’s go, traditional Korean alcohol!

Fans that watched the show were also touched by the chief’s thoughtfulness and thanked everyone for such wholesome content.


  • “I’m so thankful that he gave a meaningful name. Jin looks so beautiful, and the content was great.”
  • “This was great.”
  • “Such meaningful content.”
  • “I was touched by this.”
  • “I teared up after hearing the meaning. Thank you for coming up with such a good name.”

You can watch the full episode below!




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