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Fans Defend Former LOONA’s Chuu Comments About Her Weight

“I’m much thinner now.”

Recent comments by former LOONA member Chuu have sparked a mixture of reactions among fans. Known for her infectious energy and positivity on her YouTube channel Chuu Can Do It, the K-Pop star — alongside fellow former member Yves — hosted a “Meme World Cup” where they reacted to various internet memes.

Amidst the lighthearted banter, a comment by Chuu about her weight has become a topic of discussion and defense by her fans.

| @chuuo3o/Instagram

The remark came innocently enough. Reflecting on their younger days, Yves noted, “We look prettier now,” to which Chuu added, “I know. I’m much thinner now.

This casual observation, however, didn’t sit well with some fans. One fan expressed disappointment, noting that LOONA members, once celebrated for prioritizing health over appearance, seemed to have shifted their focus.

Chuu’s history with weight and health has been a transparent journey shared with her fans. She has previously spoken about her struggles with overeating, even leading to hospital visits. Her openness about these challenges has been a source of strength and relatability for many.

I eat until I can’t breathe anymore… I’ve also been to the emergency room because my body stiffed up.

— Chuu on her eating disorder

| 채널A 캔버스/YouTube

Yet, in the wake of her recent comments, some fans felt let down. Another similar statement by Chuu said on a recent episode of her YouTube channel show further fueled the conversation.

But amidst these mixed reactions, a significant portion of her fanbase has come to her defense, emphasizing understanding and compassion.

This is the latest debate that seems to point at some not-so-bright aspects of fan-idol dynamics in K-Pop. Idols, often placed on pedestals, are expected to embody perfection. Yet, as Chuu’s situation illustrates, they are as human as any of us, grappling with personal challenges and journeys of self-improvement.

Fans emphasize that the conversation around Chuu’s comments underscores the need for empathy and understanding, particularly in an industry where appearance is heavily scrutinized.

In Chuu’s case, her candidness and vulnerability have not only shaped her as an artist but have also fostered a more profound, empathetic connection with her fans — who are now willing to support her on this tough journey. You can watch the full episode of Chuu’s show here:



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