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Fans That Have Seen Hyunbin In Real Life Think Cameras Don’t Do Him Any Justice

I guess we all need to meet Hyunbin IRL then!

Long-time fans know all too well about actor Hyunbin’s visuals ever since he began to gain recognition back in 2005 in the K-Drama, My Name is Kim Sam Soon. He continued his fame through the drama, Secret Garden, and garnered much attention for his famous “foam kiss”.

| @Binjin_perroni/Twitter

And most recently, he has also become a power visual couple after marrying actress Son Yejin. The two previously worked on the drama, Crash Landing on You, making their on screen love story become real life.

| vast.ent/Instagram

In terms of movies, he recently attended the stage greeting for Confidential Assignment 2 at the CGV in Suwon and had fans falling for his visuals once again. 

I was late because I couldn’t find the movie theater. Since it already started, I couldn’t go to my seat and just stood in the back, but Hyunbin suddenly started walking towards me. The baby next to me received the merch and I could see his eyes sparkling as he looked at the baby. He also took the present that I prepared for him.

And for the fans that have seen him in real-life, they say that the cameras don’t do his visuals justice!

| dearsunshine/Tistory

  • “Wow how can a statue still be walking around?”
  • “Wow Yejin unni is so lucky…never mind both of them are lucky.”
  • “He is really handsome in real life! I die every time he smiles.”
  • “In my opinion, he is the most handsome. He is number one in my heart.”



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