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Foreigners’ Viral Reactions To Witnessing ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo’s Glory Are Way Too Relatable

The woman in the blue shirt is all of us!

What would you do if you came face-to-face with the one and only ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo (also known as Cha Eun Woo) while strolling the streets? A group of Parisians were lucky enough to get that experience this week, and their priceless reactions are going viral among Korean netizens.

Just this week, Cha Eunwoo graced the “city of love” for the luxury jeweller Chaumet‘s prestigious invitation-only gala. As a true visual prince, Eunwoo left Korean fans with heart eyes on every step of his trip.

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From his chic airport outfit to his suited look at the Chaumet event, Eunwoo truly radiated an unmatched aura of style and elegance — but it’s not just fans who were in awe of his looks.

A recent video clip is going viral among Korean netizens for capturing the hilarious and relatable reactions of unsuspecting Parisians who spotted Cha Eunwoo in real life this week.

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Originally posted by ASTRO fan @aleks2900 on Twitter, the video has since racked up 800,000 views on Twitter, with more uploads across YouTube and Korean social platforms.

In the video, Eunwoo can be seen making his way to the opulent 12 Vendôme, Chaumet’s brand mansion in Paris. Dressed in an angelic all-white suit, the star looked like true royalty.

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With regal looks like that, it’s no surprise that he caught the eye of French onlookers, and their authentic reactions are priceless! In the clip, Parisians of all ages can be seen mirroring the same awe-struck expressions we’d all have if we got to behold Cha Eunwoo’s visuals in real life!

One lady in particular stood out. As Eunwoo passed by, her jaw dropped and her eyes widened as she visibly scanned the K-Pop idol from head to toe.

The candid and hilarious way she was swept away by Eunwoo’s enhanced allure resonated with fans across Twitter.

That said, while Eunwoo may look majestically untouchable, he’s always a sweetheart. Amidst his busy schedule, the star made sure to stop a sign an autograph for a lucky fan.


CHA EUN WOO in Paris ❤️ @차은우 #fyp #pourtoi #pourtoii #fypシ #chaeunwoo #chaeunwooastro #astro #kpop #chaumet

♬ Love so Fine – CHA EUN-WOO (ASTRO)

All in all, the power of Cha Eunwoo transcends borders. From seasoned K-Pop fans to Parisian passersby, Eunwoo’s universal appeal is a global phenomenon no one can resist!



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