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Former I.O.I Star Returns To TV After 3 Year Hiatus

Sohye’s last K-Drama role was in 2020.

Former I.O.I member and now accomplished actress Kim Sohye is marking her return to the small screen after a hiatus of almost three years.

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Fans of Kim will remember her roles in the 2020 K-Dramas Strange School Tales: The Child Who Would Not Come and How To Buy a Friend. But her latest project promises to bring a fresh perspective and depth to her ever-growing acting repertoire.

Titled My Lovely Boxer, this new romance series by KBS promises an intriguing story. The drama is an adaptation of the novel bearing the same name and will air as a 12-episode series. The plot revolves around a talented boxer, Lee Kwon Sook, portrayed by Sohye.


Right on the cusp of her big championship match, she disappears from the limelight. Three years later, she starts anew as a kindergarten teacher under a new identity.


This life transition was seamless until she crosses paths with a relentless sports agent, Kim Taeyoung, played by Lee Sang Yeob. His appearance reintroduces chaos and passion back into her life.


Reflecting on her character and the overarching theme of the drama during a press conference in Seoul, Kim So-hye mentioned why she took on the part.

During the past 1-2 years, I’ve been looking for ways to fix my shortcomings as a person who enjoys and wants to excel in acting. Then I came across ‘My Lovely Boxer.’ And I felt the work contained a message about the determination of a person facing misfortune.

— Kim Sohye


The actress also shared how she found similarities between herself and the character, which seemingly only further pushed her to take on the role.

The choices (my character), Kwon-sook, makes in such adversity and how she grows from them felt quite similar to my own. I was deeply impressed (with the story) and really wanted to do it.

— Kim Sohye

The initial episode, which aired on Monday, clocked in with a viewership rating of 2 percent. With a storyline that promises intrigue and the combined expertise of director Choi Sang Yeol and writer Kim Min Joo (both of whom previously collaborated on the 2019 series I Wanna Hear Your Song), expectations are running high for the remaining episodes.

Catch My Lovely Boxer every Monday and Tuesday at 9:45 PM on KBS, and stay tuned as the story of Kwon-sook unfolds.

Kim in I.O.I | Stone Music Entertainment/YouTube

The anticipation surrounding Kim Sohye’s comeback is palpable, and fans will be keenly watching as the drama unfolds over the coming weeks. Whether you’re a fan of boxing, romance, or intricate storytelling, My Lovely Boxer looks set to be a series not to miss.



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