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Former K-Pop Trainees React To Top Idols Who Were Rejected By JYP Entertainment And Explain Why It Happened

Former K-Pop idol trainees Hwang Yoo Kyung and Ahn Ye Rim provide their unique perspectives as former idol hopefuls who have been through the K-Pop training experience on the YouTube channel Heyday.

Former trainees Hwang Yoo Kyung (left) and Ahn Ye Rim (right) | 헤이데이 Heyday/YouTube

Recently, the two former trainees reacted to three famous K-Pop idols who auditioned for JYP Entertainment but were fatefully rejected, moving on to have successful careers with other companies.

Hwang Yoo Kyung and Ahn Ye Rim react to the audition videos and explain, from their own experience, why the now famous idols may have been rejected.

1. BTOB’s Sungjae

BTOB has proven themselves to be a group that can effortlessly pull off any genre with their incredible vocals.

Sungjae impressed the company with his beautiful singing and advanced to the final round of the auditions.

Former trainee Ahn Ye Rim had also made it to the final round of the auditions for JYP Entertainment and explained the pressure placed on the idol hopefuls at that stage.

Although it is nerve-wracking, Ahn Ye Rim and Hwang Yoo Kyung agreed they saw only confidence in Sungjae, even when he made a mistake.

They couldn’t pinpoint why he may have been rejected, but he ended up right where he was meant to be as a beloved member of BTOB.

BTOB’s Sungjae | @yook_can_do_it/Instagram

2. EXID’s Hani

EXID‘s Hani began her audition with a confident song choice, choosing to cover legendary powerhouse vocalist Whitney Houston‘s “Greatest Love of All.”

While she could hit the high notes easily, she hit a snag when it came to the freestyle dance portion of the audition. Although we know she is a talented dancer, it’s never easy being put on the spot, especially with your dreams on the line.

Hani was noticeably nervous as she adorably stalled, taking in the fast-paced song Destiny’s Child‘s “Lose My Breath.

Although Hani possessed the visuals and vocal skills companies would look for, her nervousness when it came to dancing may have been why JYP ultimately did not accept her as a trainee.

In their own experience, they felt the same nerves Hani must have when being put on the spot.

While Hani did not become a JYP Entertainment trainee, she succeeded in debuting in EXID, and her dancing has definitely improved. In 2014, a fancam of her performance of “Up & Down” went viral, influencing the official fancams we see from music broadcast companies today. The video currently has over 36 million views.

| pharkil/YouTube

EXID recently reunited after three years in celebration of their 10th anniversary, releasing four new tracks, “FIRE,” “IDK (I DON’T KNOW),” “LEGGO,” and an English version of “FIRE.”

EXID’s Hani | @ahnanihh/Instagram

3. IU

Before selling out stadiums and becoming one of Korea’s top female solo artists, IU began her K-Pop journey as most idols do, through company auditions.

Even before her formal training, IU’s incredible vocal talents were evident.

In her audition video for JYP Entertainment, IU was confident, her voice was stable, and she displayed fantastic control over her voice with a mature, emotional tone despite being in middle school at the time. This has left many people wondering why JYP rejected her.

Hwang Yoo Kyung and Ahn Ye Rim reviewed her audition clip and believe the reason comes down to an answer IU gave during the interview portion of the audition. The two started by explaining how trainees were evaluated when IU auditioned in 2007 versus now.

When K-Pop’s second-generation artists were establishing themselves, the two trainees said that companies valued skill over talent. They went on to explain that idol hopefuls should possess multiple talents to set themselves apart in an audition. This led to the reason why they believe IU may have failed her audition.

IU possessed impressive confidence for her age and incredible skills. Her confidence in her singing led her to state she possessed no other talents when asked. Although she said it confidently, it could be the talent scouts were hoping for someone with multiple skills.

Hwang Yoo Kyung and Ahn Ye Rim hilariously stated that even if the answer is honestly “no,” idol hopefuls should name another talent, even if they’re not necessarily skilled in that other talent.

In the same year IU failed her audition with JYP Entertainment, she joined Kakao M (formerly LOEN Entertainment). She remained with Kakao M until 2020 and joined a subsidiary of the company after her longtime manager and friend started their own label, EDAM Entertainment.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Each idol ended up in the perfect company for them, flourishing on their own or with their respective groups. Their initial rejection can inspire many not to give up on their dreams, even if they face setbacks.

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