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Get To Know Lim Young Woong, The Singer That Every K-Pop Stan Is Afraid Of

Lim Young Woong might have only one full-length studio album to his name, but he is beloved by millions. Known as the only singer that can potentially top K-Pop idols, he’s every K-Pop stan’s nightmare. When he announced a release in June 2023, K-Pop fans began panicking for their favs with scheduled comebacks in the same month.

Just who is this wondrously popular singer that has even ARMYs on edge? Get to know more about him here.

1. The basics

Lim Young Woong was born in 1991, which makes him 32 this year. He made his debut in 2016 with “Hate You” under Mulgogi Music.

2. His rise to fame

Lim Young Woong only hit mainstream popularity in 2020 after his appearance in Mr. Trot. He won over 17,000 participants to clinch first place!

3. His first win

Lim Young Woong charted first place with “My Starry Love,” the first of his music to top the Gaon charts.

4. Second only to BTS

In his breakout year of 2020, he was the second most-streamed artist domestically, only second to BTS.

| @im_hero___/Instagram

5. Ahjummas love him

Ahjummas (and ahjussis!) in their 40s and up love him. He won first place for the most loved singer in the 40s and up age range during 2020’s Gallup survey for Singer of the Year.

| @im_hero___/Instagram

6. His first (and only) studio album

He released his very first studio full-length album in 2022, Im Hero. Although he has many singles, and even a collaborative album, this is his one and only studio album to date. The name of the album is a pun on his name, Young Woong, which means “hero.” The last name Lim can also be romanized as Im.

7. His first songwriting credit

His song “London Boy” is the first one that he wrote the lyrics for and composed.

| @im_hero___/Instagram

8. He’s a philanthropist

As much as he has earned, Lim Young Woong also gives back to society. Over the years, he has donated a known total of ₩410 million KRW (about $311,000 USD) to various local charities and causes.

With his amazing charting power and legions of fans all over the nation, we wouldn’t blame any K-Pop group for wanting to avoid clashing comeback periods with him!

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