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Get To Know The Hottest Female Police Officers In Korea

Some have even done modeling work!

The new Netflix series Siren: Survive The Island was announced earlier this year.

| Netflix

In Siren: Survive The Island, twenty-four women with physically demanding careers will form six teams and battle it out on an uninhabited island. The teams will be divided by profession: stuntwomen, soldiers, bodyguards, athletes, police officers, and firefighters.

The four-membered police team comprises leader Kim Hye Ri, Dew, Seo Jeong Ha, and Kim Hae Young.

Police Team | Netflix

Besides some gorgeous shots of the police team’s leader, not much is known about Kim Hye Ri from her social media accounts.

Kim Hye Ri

The detective seems to enjoy outdoor activities, like running and bike riding.

Team member Dew shares more about her daily life on her accounts, including her many hobbies, like golfing.

Dew | @j_ppppppol/Instagram
| @j_ppppppol/Instagram
| @j_ppppppol/Instagram
| @j_ppppppol/Instagram

Seo Jeong Ha is another police team member who does not frequently update her social media, but the photos are gorgeous when she does!

Seo Jeong Ha

She also seems to enjoy outdoor activities, sharing scenic photos of hikes.

Finally, former wrestler Kim Hae Young might not share photos from her job but drops gorgeous photos of herself and her adorable dogs!

| @hae._.yom/Instagram
| @hae._.yom/Instagram

Will you be rooting for Team Police?



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