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(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon And KARD’s Somin Boldly Try The Underboob Trend But Serve Totally Different Vibes

Fashion icons (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon and KARD‘s Somic both love pushing boundaries. With their bold and charismatic fashion styles, both girls recently joined the latest “underboob” trend!

Soyeon [(G)I-DLE] | @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram
Somin (KARD) | @somin_jeon0822/Instagram

Somin has rocked the trend in multiple outfits, including bold and sexy bodysuits.

| DSP Media

Layering various pieces, she simultaneously tackled the “exposed bra” trend.

| DSP Media
| DSP Media


Meanwhile, Soyeon attempted the daring trend and more for Y Magazine. Her white body suit featured various cut-outs.



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