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GOT7 BamBam’s Reason For Gifting Yugyeom Underwear For His Birthday Actually Makes Sense

Leave it to BamBam to find a way to tease his members!

GOT7‘s BamBam and Yugyeom are part of the group’s maknae line and as such, fans have gotten used to their mischievous behavior with both each other and other members of the group.

GOT7’s BamBam | @got7/Twitter

GOT7’s Yugyeom

From BamBam’s frequent teasing of the older members like Jay B and Mark on Twitter…

…to their general shenanigans and the fun they have together, fans always know that the two have the best chaotic friendship.


#riBBonchallenge #BamBam #Yugyeom Let’s Get it My BoY!!!!!🎀🐍🐜

♬ riBBon #챌린지 – BamBam

Recently, BamBam joined Weverse live and after spending a bit of time getting to know the platform, went on a live stream to chat with fans. He spoke a little bit about his day and a few other things going on in his life.

A bit later in the live stream, a fan asked if BamBam had sent Yugyeom a message for his birthday. BamBam replied that not only had he sent him a message, but he gave him a hilarious gift as well, according to fan translations.

Yes, I texted him at dawn and I gave him a birthday gift…how should I say..Yugyeom pulled up his shirts a lot at concerts to show off his tattoo, so I gave him pretty underwear/panties.

— GOT7’s BamBam

While it seems like BamBam might have been kidding, during his tour, Yugyeom drove fans wild by pulling up his shirt and showing off his rib tattoo. In the process, his underwear were shown as well, so BamBam’s logic actually makes complete sense!

Leave it to BamBam to find a gift that is both functional and can serve as a hilarious way to tease his groupmate!




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