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GOT7’s Jay B Gives Fans Another Glimpse At What The Members Discuss In Their Group Chat

Jay B is always so open with fans!

GOT7‘s Jay B recently gave fans another look into the group’s infamous group chat, and what they discuss is surprisingly wholesome!

GOT7’s Jay B | DAZED

GOT7’s group chat is a much-discussed topic among fans. Through glimpses from BamBam and Yugyeom, fans know that the members use the group chat not only to talk to each other but will send memes and fan tweets as well.

Jay B himself went viral earlier this year for displaying his trust in Ahgases by showing one the group chat during a fan meeting event in Thailand.


the level of trust he has for ahgases 😳💚 #got7

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In a recent interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Jay B finally gave fans another glimpse into what the members do in their group chat!

When asked what the most recent topic of conversation in the GOT7 group chat was, Jay B answers readily that they discussed “what do do next” as well as other topics revolving their work together as a group!

We discussed about what we should do next, how we should adjust, what company to work with. That’s pretty much our topic of conversation these days.

— Jay B

While this is great news for fans waiting for GOT7 group activities, it also shows how dedicated the members are to sticking together!

Jay B finished the interview by saying to look forward to not only his activities as Jay B and Def., his alter ego, but GOT7’s as well!

You can check out the interview below!



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