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Handsome Rookie Idol Gains Attention For His “Insane” Height And Proportions In Airport Photos

Netizens once said he had “legendary” proportions.

Visuals are a huge part of K-Pop, and fans enjoy seeing those with unique aspects. From interesting beauty marks…

GOT7’s Jay B | JYP Entertainment

…to those with AI-level visuals, fans usually rave over these parts of their appearance.

aespa’s Karina

Height is another physical aspect that fans often discuss, loving those on either end of the spectrum. This includes incredibly tall idols, like TXT‘s Soobin, and the few that are taller than him.

The Only Male K-Pop Idols Who Are Taller Than TXT’s Soobin

Recently, a rookie idol attracted attention for his visuals at the airport, shocking fans with his height and proportions.

In March 2022, the boy group Tempest debuted under Yuehua Entertainment with “Bad News.”

Tempest | Yuehua Entertainment

Tempest is made up of seven members, including the 22-year-old Eunchan, who is the group’s tallest member.

Tempest’s Eunchan | Yuehua Entertainment

Eunchan’s height is officially listed at 187 cm, though some fan accounts claim he is 190 cm. We are inclined to believe those after certain photos went viral on X!

Tempest attended the 2023 Asia Artist Awards in the Philippines, but their return to Korea caught netizens’ attention.

Photos of Eunchan wearing a long coat while walking through the airport were shared by a fan account. Another K-Pop fan reposted the two images, questioning his height and proportions.

Another angle gives a different perspective of his height, taken from the view of the photographer who shot upwards to capture him.

Fans and nonfans marveled at his height and proportions, lightheartedly joking about how unrealistic his height is.

You can check out Tempest’s latest track, “Vroom Vroom” below!



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