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Here’s The Story Of How A 1st Generation Group Disbanded Due To Bullying Within The Group

Bullying was prevalent even back then.

Back in 1998, one of K-Pop’s first co-ed groups broke into the scene. Sharp (also known as S#arp) consisted of four members, Lee Ji Hye, Seo Ji Young, John Kim, and Oh Hee Jong. The two men later left the group after the first album. Joined by Seokhyun and Chris for the second album on, the group went on to release 5 more albums before disbanding in 2002.

Lee Ji Hye finally spilled the beans on the reason for disbanding on variety show Master In The House in 2021. Although many had already known the reason why, she confirmed it for the first time on public broadcast, claiming that “it was Seo Ji Young’s fault.”

Just what had gone down? As the group rose in recognition, Lee Ji Hye became popular for her pretty face and singing talent. Seo Ji Young was known for having her influential and rich family support the group. In fact, the group was created thanks to them! Seo Ji Young grew jealous of Lee Ji Hye and influenced the other two members to outcast Lee Ji Hye.

L to R: Chris, Lee Ji Hye, Seokhyun, Seo Ji Young.

Lee Ji Hye finally exploded one day, when Seo Ji Young began mocking her in the elevator. Seo Ji Young had taunted Lee Ji Hye by singing “Lee Ji Hye is such a jerk.” Unable to hold it in any longer, Lee Ji Hye yelled back, “then just how talented are you” and allegedly hit Seo Ji Young twice.

Although Lee Ji Hye apologized to both Seo Ji Young and her parents the next day. Seo Ji Young’s father requested for both Lee Ji Hye and her father to make a public apology, to which they acquiesced. However, things did not end there. Seo Ji Young was seen ignoring Lee Ji Hye’s apology in the car at a broadcasting station. She was even threatened by Seo Ji Young’s boyfriend at that time. Seo Ji Young’s mother also allegedly went to the broadcasting station to swear at Lee Ji Hye.

L: Lee Ji Hye, R: Seo Ji Young.

Things came to a boil when Seo Ji Young’s family opened a press conference, determined to oust Lee Ji Hye from the group. Seo Ji Young claimed that Lee Ji Hye had punched her continuously over 7 times. She also alleged that she had never cussed out Lee Ji Hye.

Thankfully, their manager stood up for Lee Ji Hye. He balked at Seo Ji Young’s claims, ridiculing her claim by saying that continuous punches would be impossible unless Lee Ji Hye was a trained boxer. He also offered to call witnesses up regarding the cussing matter.

Things ended when Seo Ji Young stormed out of the venue, at a loss for words. The public then stood firmly on Lee Ji Hye’s side! Despite this, the group disbanded in 2002.

Lee Ji Hye leaving the conference.

Of course years later, the two have buried the hatchet and are now known to be friends. Here is a photo of them in 2014, at a pool.

| Hankuk Kyungje

They are now both happily married with children.



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