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Here’s Why Fans Think BIBI Will Be On BTS RM’s Solo Album

They might’ve been hinting at it all along.

BigHit Music excited fans by recently confirming that BTS‘s RM will indeed be releasing a solo album at the end of November. The rapper further raised fans’ expectations by revealing he’d collaborated with GRAMMY-winning artist and producer Pharrell Williams.

RM | @BTS_twt/Twitter

As fans wonder which artists will feature on RM’s album, one name that’s been mentioned so often that even the GRAMMYs recently acknowledged the speculation is solo singer BIBI. And there might’ve been times when the singer hinted she had something in the works with the rapper.

…Pharrell and RM casually made plans to work on something for RM’s album, completing ‘that last 10 percent,’ as Pharrell put it.

Other rumors of possible guests on the RM album are already flying around the internet, including South Korean sensation BIBI and BTS member Jungkook.


BIBI | @nakedbibi/Twitter

When rapper Tiger JK and BIBI chatted with Rolling Stone Korea, the former revealed that RM had been the one to initially reach out to BIBI to cheer on “KAZINO”. Tiger JK claimed it had been the perfect opportunity for BIBI and RM to collaborate, possibly hinting they should’ve started sooner rather than later.

When BIBI’s song ‘KAZINO’ got released, RM was the first person to send a support message. He said he liked her music and the MV.

He sent a message of support. That’s when we should’ve started the collaboration.

— Tiger JK

During a different interview, BIBI expressed how much she desired to collaborate with RM. She was open to working on anything he was willing to offer, even a feature on one of his songs.

I wanna work with RM [on] whatever he wants, and I want to feature on him. But if I can make [it], I can make something up.


Then BIBI and RM were able to meet at J-Hope‘s listening party, having a “family reunion” with Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK.

Yoon Mirae, Tiger JK, BIBI, and RM. | @DrunkenTigerJK/Twitter

Since RM’s collaboration with Balming Tiger happened through a meeting with a friend of a friend, it looks like a collaboration between BIBI and RM could be possible thanks to their mutual friends like Tiger JK.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram



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