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How Does SM Entertainment Really Feel About K-Pop Idols Dating? Jessica Jung Shares Her Experience

She spills her thoughts on dating restrictions for idols.

Jessica Jung recently made an appearance on The Daily Ketchup podcast, and during her interview, she spoke about her time as a trainee, her experience as a member of SM Entertainment‘s popular second-generation girl group Girls’ Generation, her solo career, fashion brand BLANC & ECLARE, and more.

Jessica Jung | @jessica.syj/Instagram

Jessica celebrated her 16th debut anniversary in August and recently made her long-awaited comeback with her fourth mini-album, BEEP BEEP, which is her first EP in six years.

To celebrate her comeback, she appeared on the podcast and reflected on her early years as a K-Pop idol, giving fans a behind-the-scenes account of her experience.

Jessica (left) performing with her sister, f(x)’s Krystal (right), during SMTOWN Live 2011 | SM Entertainment

One rare account Jessica gave was regarding SM Entertainment staff members’ feelings about K-Pop idols dating.

Dating is still often treated as a taboo topic among K-Pop idols, and some companies even outright ban their idols from dating.

| @jessica.syj/Instagram

Jessica explained that as a Korean American, she understands both sides of whether or not idols should have dating restrictions.

In her experience, Jessica was close to all of the employees and managers within SM Entertainment, so it enabled her to be “open and honest about everything.

Jessica would openly discuss people she wanted to date or her relationships with SM Entertainment staff members.

She found that being open about it made SM Entertainment staff more receptive to the idea of dating and more supportive. She revealed staff members would even help those who were open about their relationships.

On the other hand, Jessica found that if idols hid their relationships or dating life from the company or “made trouble,” it made it more difficult for the company to step in and help if the relationship was discovered or something went wrong.

When The Daily Ketchup hosts asked Jessica if companies restricted dating in order to maintain their artists’ image as “single” or “more desirable,” she revealed that wasn’t the case.

Instead, it was to prevent “trouble” for the idol, their group, and the company.

Overall, are bans beneficial for K-Pop idols? Jessica doesn’t believe so, noting that oftentimes, these bans or restrictions are in place for idols who are adolescents and don’t want to feel completely “controlled.

Check out Jessica’s full thoughts on K-Pop idols dating in the video below!



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