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How Japan’s “Most Haunted Village” Came To Look So Unnerving

It didn’t pop out of nowhere.

The so-called “world’s most haunted village” is not for sensitive travelers.

The village of Nagoro, Japan, is considered among the most terrifying places on earth. According to TravelLocal, it is one of the top “most haunted” hotspots to visit around Halloween time in October.

This is because it is filled with “kakashi” (scarecrows) that at best can be described as creepy and at worst as terrifying. Though clearly not lifelike, it is unnerving how they are situated all over town in positions that should have been taken up by people.

They are seen lounging in front porches…


…farming in the garden…


…and waiting for the bus.

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Some models were even made as tributes to deceased residents.

Known as the “Cursed Village,” the dolls outnumber the residents by over ten times. It was created by native Tsukimi Ayano when she returned to her childhood village only to find that the number of living people had dropped to just 30.

Feeling lonely, she decided to fill in the empty spaces with scarecrows that mimicked the past. These scarecrows are traditionally made in Japan to help combat loneliness rather than to shoo away birds.


The result is an “uncanny valley” village. It is now a tourist attraction that hosts a Scarecrow Festival complete with competitions and workshops in August of each year. The village has also been featured in its own documentary entitled Valley of the Dolls.

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