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How Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Feels About His Sister’s Viral Vlogs

He responded during a live broadcast.

While many siblings of K-Pop idols maintain private lives away from the public, there are just as many who aren’t afraid of sharing their lives publicly. Stray KidsBang Chan‘s sister is one of the latter.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @gnabnahc/Instagram

Across her official TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram pages, Hannah Bahng has nearly ten million followers tuned in for her vlogs, music, and unique style.

Hannah Bahng | @hannahhbahng/Instagram

Naturally, quite a few of her videos have gained millions of views. So a curious fan asked the idol if he was aware of Hannah’s viral clips.

During a live broadcast, Bang Chan confirmed he was tuned in for some of his sister’s vlogs and was impressed with her video skills. He even shared the one thing he wanted to see more of in Hannah’s vlogs: more of their family dog Berry.

Chan, have you watched your sister’s vlog? Yes, I have. I didn’t know she would upload one. What kind of surprised me was her editing skills. I didn’t know she’d be that good.

If there’s anything that I want…is a lot of Berry videos. So upload a lot of videos of Berry, please.

— Bang Chan

With the support of her brother and fans, Hannah Bahng is gaining a following just for being her authentic self and even founded her own record label Bahng Entertainment.

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