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Insanely Beautiful Actress Goes Viral On The Red Carpet

She instantly went viral.

Highly-attended celebrity events like award shows can be confusing. More than one K-Pop idol has gotten lost at a red carpet event, but how can anyone get lost on the red carpet itself?

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin lost his way at the “2018 Asian Artist Awards.”

That was the question netizens were asking after Dilraba Dilmurat, a Uyghur actress and singer of Chinese descent, lost all sense of direction.

Dilraba Dilmurat

On December 17, Dilraba attended the 2023 Tencent Video All Star Awards in a gorgeous, glittering gown that made her look like a faerie princess come to life.

Dilraba’s haute couture Julien Fournié gown was the talk of the town–until she got lost. Somehow Dilireba completely missed the host, who was standing a short distance away, and wandered off behind a photo wall.

Realizing her mistake, the runaway princess hastily returned, amusing the show’s hosts and her fans.

It didn’t take long for Dilireba to go viral, racking up millions of posts in a short period of time.

Oh well. These things happen!

Check out more photos of Dilireba’s beautiful outfit below.





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