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ITZY, TWICE, BTS—What You Need To Know About The Viral Pastry That Korean Celebrities Love

TWICE’s Jihyo recently made her solo debut with Killin’ Me Good which overlapped with ITZY‘s promotions for “CAKE.” As a sign of goodwill towards her juniors, the former dropped off several boxes of snacks in their waiting room.

It turned out to be mini meat pies. They weren’t ordinary pastries either, but some of the trendiest food around!

These pies belong to the shop Ginger Bear Pie Shop located in Songridan-gil, Jamsil.

| @ginger.bear_pie/Instagram

It is so renowned that even celebrities take time out of their day to visit them. T-ARA‘s Jiyeon, WINNER‘s Mino, BTS‘s Suga, Song Kang, and more are all part of the list of famous people who were spotted dining at the bakery.

| CreatTrip
BTS’s Suga | CreatTrip

The Ginger Bear Pie Shop’s main branch is in Jamsil although they also operate in Gangnam. The former is open everyday from 12PM to 9PM though customers line up for hours ahead of opening time. According to Korea JoongAng Daily, this bakery is so popular that a long line of patrons queue outside since morning. There are no low-peak days with this bakery—they even have an early morning crowd on Mondays!

One hour before opening at noon on Monday, there was already a queue of a dozen people in front of Ginger Bear Pie Shop in Songpa District, southern Seoul.

— Korea JoongAng Daily

Patrons are required to get a queue number at a machine in the front of the store. The staff will usually text them once there are just two groups left before their turn. Their slot will be reserved for just five minutes before it is given to the next person in line.

Once inside, it is recommended to try their signature meat pie. They are handmade daily and baked to a mouthwatering golden brown color.

A single pie costs ₩6,000 KRW (about $4.52 USD) and a box of six is ₩35,000 KRW (about $26.40 USD).

| @ginger.bear_pie/Instagram

They also offer other flavors of pie such as a fruit basket and the classic apple. Like other cafés, they sell cakes, drinks, biscuits, pretzels, and more as well.

| @ginger.bear_pie/Instagram

If you ever find yourself in Korea, it doesn’t hurt to channel your inner celebrity and try Ginger Bear Pie’s specialties!



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