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ITZY’s Chaeryeong On The Hardships Of Always Having Cameras In Her Face

Life as an idol is not easy when everything you do is captured.

When it comes to the life of an idol, there is no denying how tough it is. It can take a toll on idols, from tough schedules, long practice hours, and the expectation to look perfect all of the time. One group that knows all about those hardships is girl group ITZY!

The members of ITZY | @ITZYOfficial/ Twitter

Since debuting, the group has been at the forefront of the industry with eyes on them at every moment. The members appeared in a video for ODG where they sat down with some children and spoke about the pressures they feel when it comes to taking pictures and how they look.

As idols, this pressure is something ITZY knows very well. During the video, Chaeryeong explained that there were sometimes times when the members didn’t want to be photographed for various reasons and shared the way she tackles it, which is by being cute.

Yet, things quickly became serious as Chaeryeong got emotional about the pressures and her feelings about being photographed at every moment.

Since we are rated by each picture, we get captured when we dance too. There are people who think nicely of that, but some don’t. So, that bothers me.

— Chaeryeong

The child then asked how the idol always seems so confident in front of the cameras without needing to cover up constantly. Yet, Chaeryeong honestly replied that it isn’t by choice.

To be honest, for me, I don’t cover (my face) because I can’t. I’m not supposed to.

— Chaeryeong

Yet, when it came to confidence, she once again emphasized that idols are humans and that it is even tough for them, especially considering the constant scrutiny for how they look.

For confidence, I just keep thinking I need it. My job requires that, and I think I need to love myself to receive love. But when I see pictures in articles, I keep losing confidence.

— Chaeryeong

Chaeryeong then added that seeing good photos helped bring back her confidence, but it isn’t something she seemed to have naturally. It was definitely on show when the child complimented her, and she became very shy.

As expected, Chaeryeong once again showcased that the life of an idol is tough and, with so many expectations, it can get tough for those who are still very young.

You can watch the whole video below.




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