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ITZY’s Yuna Is Going Viral For Flirting With A Male Fan 

“If you heard the scream I let out…”

ITZY‘s Born To Be tour, which has already captivated audiences worldwide, added another memorable moment to its journey last night. The girl group ensured the night was a vibrant celebration of their music. Yet, it was a singular moment with member Yuna that has since catapulted into viral fame.

itzy untouch
ITZY are currently touring without Lia due to her ongoing hiatus. | JYP Entertainment

During a performance of their hit “Dalla Dalla,” Yuna — known for her engaging stage presence — took fanservice to a whole new level. A clip, now circulating fervently across social media, showcases Yuna spotting a male fan bopping to the rhythm.

In a sweet moment, she approaches the edge of the stage, getting closer to the fan, and shares a cute expression while continuing to sing.

The video clip, posted on Twitter, has rapidly gained traction, amassing over 880,000 views and 16,000 likes in a short span. The reaction from the ITZY fanbase has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing envy towards the lucky fan and admiration for Yuna’s fanservice skills.

Fanservice, where artists interact with their fans in fun and personal ways, is common in K-Pop. But Yuna’s interaction with the fan in Bangkok was a standout moment. It shows how K-Pop stars like ITZY are not just about the music — they’re also about making fans feel special.

This moment is a great example of how live concerts can create unique memories for fans. ITZY’s world tour has been full of surprises, and Yuna’s viral moment with a fan is just one of many reasons fans love seeing their favorite artists live.

As ITZY continues their tour, fans are excited to see what other memorable moments will happen.




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