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IU And BTS’s Suga Have Different Perspectives On His Producing Style

IU shares how she feels about Suga as a producer.

BTS‘s Suga has virtually returned with a new episode of his popular talk show, Suchwita, and this time, he hosted special guest and legendary soloist IU.

The two ’93-liner idols, who became friends when they were around 25 or 26 years old, have kept in contact ever since and have released two iconic collaborations since 2020.

IU (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

During her Suchwita episode, IU admitted she had another BTS member in mind for a collaboration prior to working with Suga, but when she turned 28, she sought out her same-age friend to work with her on “Eight,” someone who related to how she was feeling at the time.

IU and Suga worked together naturally, and the song quickly took shape.

As both IU and Suga work as idols and producers, the BTS member wanted to know what IU thought about him in a producer role.

IU shared that she felt Suga had “high standards” as a producer, but Suga had a different perspective, saying he’s the type with an “anything goes” attitude when he works.

IU clarified that she thought Suga had high standards for himself and felt that working with him for their 2020 collaboration on IU’s “Eight” versus their 2023 collaboration on Suga’s “People Pt. 2” was “completely different.

When Suga asked her why she felt that way, she explained that he was more “strict” with himself when it came to his own song.

Suga admitted that he might be strict when he works on his own music, but he feels “a lot more pressure” when he’s working on songs for someone else.

After their two successful collaborations, IU and Suga already have an idea for a third potential collab, showing how naturally the two artists work together.

During their Suchwita episode, IU and Suga compared their concert experiences, and IU explained her reputation for having five-hour-long concerts.

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