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IU’s Ideal Type Is Surprisingly Applicable To Many People — Including Lee Jong Suk

Singer IU and actor Lee Jong Suk were announced as Dispatch’s New Year’s Couple, and the pair broke the internet.


Lee Jong Suk | MBC

Fans recalled an early 2022 interview where Lee Jong Suk described his ideal type and saw how perfectly it fit IU.

I want her to be wise, resilient, someone I can respect, and more than anything, I hope she’s adorable.

— Lee Jong Suk

It is easy to imagine that fans of the couple are also wondering if IU’s ideal type is close to Lee Jong Suk or if she changed her taste over the years.

During a radio interview in 2020, IU was asked her ideal type. She first responded that she hadn’t thought about it for a long time.

It’s been a really long time. I think the last time was when I was 21. It’s hard.

— IU

After some thinking on the subject, IU revealed her ideal type to be something applicable to many people!

I think I’m going to live a long life. A person who is likely to be healthy and live a long life.

— IU

In the past, Lee Jong Suk’s longest-term hobby was fencing, meaning he enjoys being active. After an injury, he had to stop fencing but looked for other upper-body activities to maintain his health!

Fencing was a new hobby that I found after a long time. Unfortunately, I hurt the ligaments in my knees, which were already in bad condition, during the filming of my drama. With that, I realized I need to find a new hobby, which was a bit of a bummer. I’m going to find a workout that focuses more on my upper body.

— Lee Jong Suk

It seems like just as Lee Jong Suk’s ideal type suits IU, her ideal type fits him as well!

Lee Jong Suk’s Past Interview About His Ideal Type And Potential Marriage Desires Resurface After Dating News With IU




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