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IVE Jang Wonyoung’s Circle Lenses Drastically Change Her Vibes

Which color looks best on her?

Circle lens are a huge part of K-Pop makeup and Korean makeup in general. Even if one does not use those lens with exaggerated sizes or fanciful colors, just a small subtle one will bring a huge change to the look. As idols of course, to avoid being washed out by the stage lights, their circle lens would have a wider dimension or be of a unique color to contribute to their concept.

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung often uses circle lens on stage as her stage makeup is rather bold. To bring out her gorgeous eyes, she uses long false lashes and light colored lens.

Pink, grey, brown…

…she’s used them all! One of our favorites are these light violet ones that she was sporting during IVE’s debut.

However, fans also realized that Wonyoung totally serves different vibes with and without circle lens! On some stages, she can be seen with her natural black pupils. She looks significantly younger without them.

On casual schedules like radio appearances, Wonyoung lets her eyes rest too.

She was even named the official model for Hapa Kristin, a color lens brand. They know who makes their lenses shine through!


Of course, without thick eye makeup and lens, Wonyoung’s true age really shines through! The adorable beauty is still in her teens and her youth is brought out with just the simplest makeup looks sometimes.



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