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Jaejoong Tries To Guess CRAVITY’s Real Ages—But Ends Up Shook By Their Answers

Jaejoong’s guesses made all the members laugh.

For episode ten of his web series Jaefriends, former TVXQ member Jaejoong was surprised by his youngest guests so far.

Minhee, Jaejoong, Hyeongjun, and Jungmo.

CRAVITY‘s Minhee, Hyeongjun, and Jungmo stopped by to promote their group’s comeback. And because it was Jaejoong’s first time meeting his juniors, he asked them to share their ages.

Jungmo shocked Jaejoong by revealing that he was twenty-four years old in Korean age. Noticing his reaction, Minhee asked Jaejoong what age he’d initially thought Jungmo was.

All the members appreciated Jaejoong’s next words. Complimenting their youthful looks, he revealed his initial thoughts of Jungmo being nineteen. He didn’t stop there, either.

Jaejoong guessed that Hyeongjun was seventeen years old. He was shocked once again to find out he was actually twenty-two in Korean age.

He was even surprised to discover that Hyeongjun and Minhee were the same age, adding that Minhee’s visuals reminded him of actor Yoo Seung Ho.

See Jaejoong’s funny reactions to discovering that CRAVITY looked younger than their real ages.



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