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Japanese Rockstar Bamboozles The Internet With Confusing Plastic Surgery Results 

His fans are panicking.

Plastic surgery is commonplace in the entertainment world, but some stars’ procedures are, well, unique, to say the least.

Last year, J-Rock star MiA, best known as the guitarist of the Japanese rock band Mejibray, shocked netizens by revealing his unusual body modifications on Instagram.

MiA | @mia_0917_/Instagram

He posted a selfie that showed his nipples covered with bandaids. In the caption, he explained that he had “decluttered” his body by surgically removing his nipples because he felt that men simply don’t need nipples.

His nipples also caused friction, which would break his concentration during performances. To become “the best guitarist,” the nips had to be snipped…

| @mia_0917_/Instagram

…or did they?

Recently, MiA posted a video with his nip-less chest covered with shaving cream, which prompted comments like:

| @mia_0917_/Instagram

Two days later, on April 1, he posted a photoset that showed his nipple region covered by a fleurdelis emoji…

| @mia_0917_/Instagram

…then his shirt…

| @mia_0917_/Instagram

…then nothing at all. The nipple that had supposedly been removed can be seen in this photo as clear as day.

| @mia_0917_/Instagram

Naturally, the people need answers. Was the nipple Photoshopped on? Was it ever removed? Has this all just been an elaborate April Fools’ Day prank? Tell us. 



What are your thoughts?

Japanese Rockstar Goes Viral For Removing His Nipples To Play Guitar Better



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