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Jeon So Min Clarifies Her Relationship With “Running Man” Boyfriend Yang Se Chan

Her dedication to “Running Man” is truly admirable.

Ji Suk Jin had his fellow Running Man castmate and friend Jeon So Min as a guest on his YouTube channel Jeeseokjin World. He picked her up from her home so they could casually chat while driving to the airport.

Jeon So Min (left) and Ji Suk Jin (right) | 지편한세상 [Jeeseokjin World]/YouTube

Their conversation naturally flowed to talking about their onscreen personas, with both clarifying that they exaggerated their true personalities for the sake of the audience’s entertainment.

Jeon So Min also clarified that her relationship with another Running Man castmate, Yang Se Chan, was utterly platonic. They also confirmed that Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook‘s romance, another popular Running Man pairing, was made for laughs.

Jeon So Min explained that she couldn’t help but fool around with Yang Se Chan since the reaction from the entire cast was so funny.

She then revealed that she was constantly reflecting on whether or not she should continue their relationship, just in case it wasn’t entertaining anymore.

Her approach also made her think about whether or not she should joke around with other cast members, like Ji Suk Jin himself or Haha, to make their audiences laugh and keep the show fresh.

Ji Suk Jin was amazed by her dedication but commented that he usually thinks of his jokes and bits on the spot, showing how the entire Running Man cast has different ways of approaching the show. Regardless, with Running Man having over 620 episodes, they must be doing something right!

Watch the full video of Jeon So Min on Jeeseokjin World below. They talk about the relationships on Running Man at the 5:52 mark.



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