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Jonathan Thona Didn’t Expect NCT 127 Doyoung’s Reason for Liking “The K-Star Next Door”

Doyoung prepared for his appearance on the show ahead of time.

NCT 127‘s Doyoung, Johnny, Haechan, and Jungwoo joined MC and actor Jonathan Thona on the most recent episode of The K-Star Next Door, during which the idol group members opened up about their current promotions, school days, group concepts, and more.

(From left:) NCT 127’s Johnny, Doyoung, Jungwoo, and Haechan | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

NCT 127 recently made their anticipated comeback, releasing their 5th album, Fact Check, on October 6.

To celebrate the release, the NCT 127 members, with the exception of Haechan, made their appearance on the show for the first time.

(From left:) Jonathan Thona and NCT 127’s Haechan, Doyoung, Johnny, and Jungwoo | 디글 :Diggle

At the beginning of the episode, Jonathan Thona and Haechan showed off their close friendship, and Haechan shared his excitement about returning to the show with the “funniest” NCT 127 members.

Haechan, taking the lead, announced that fellow member Doyoung was a huge fan of the program, to which Doyoung agreed, saying he watches the show whenever he eats.

Jonathan Thona noted there are numerous shows he could watch and wanted to know what brought Doyoung back to The K-Star Next Door. Doyoung answered that Jonathan was the reason he loved the show so much, making the host shy.

Doyoung elaborated, telling Jonathan Thona he was a “huge fan” of his because he “makes fun of people” while getting made fun of himself.

The response was not what the host had expected, as he hilariously said it wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

Doyoung continued, exclaiming that he prepared himself for potentially being made fun of and didn’t read the script because he knew Jonathan wouldn’t “follow the script anyway.

Jonathan hilariously disagreed as he and Haechan compared their scripts.

Doyoung’s expectations for the show may not have been what Jonathan Thona wanted to hear, but it was accurate as the members jokingly poked fun at Doyoung for his change of heart regarding the group’s eccentric wardrobe later in the episode.

Check out more on that in the article below!

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