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JYP Explains The Secret Behind K-Pop’s Global Success

He said K-Pop was unique in the history of music.

J.Y. Park, also known as JYP, recently traveled to South America to film the music video for his single “Groove Back” with fans.

JYP performing “Groove Back” in São Paulo | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

While he was there, JYP sat down with Spartakus from MTV Brasil to advise upcoming artists on how to have long successful careers.

Spartakus (left) and JYP (right) | MTV Brasil/YouTube 

He also talked more about the overwhelming support K-Pop has always had from South America and how the genre has become a global phenomenon.

When asked for the secret behind K-Pop’s success worldwide, JYP said:

“Because we try to do it together with the fans. That’s why. We communicate more than any other artist in the world. K-Pop artists truly communicate. We sing together, we dance together, we do the marketing together…never in the history of music that artist and fans were this close together, I think that’s the power of K-Pop.”

Spartakus then asked JYP how he felt about how the dawn of the digital age has affected artists. JYP recognized that artists nowadays need to deal with online hate constantly, and his advice for them was to surround themselves with true friends.

Watch the full interview below! JYP talks about the secret behind K-Pop’s success at the 1:29 mark.



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