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K-Pop Girl Group Surprises Fans With “Queer Liberation” Subunit Announcement

“This unit deals with queer liberation.”

PinkFantasy, a girl group known by fans for their unique and intriguing concept of having a masked member, has once again garnered attention after a recent announcement made via X (formerly known as Twitter). The group is set to take a significant step towards addressing and embracing queer liberation themes through a new subunit.

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A series of tweets from the group’s mysterious masked member, Daewang, revealed plans for a new subunit specifically aimed at advocating for queer liberation, a topic rarely openly discussed in the K-Pop industry.

Daewang’s first post, uploaded on April 2, excitedly shared with fans the preparation of a new unit designed to tackle “queer liberation” themes, accompanied by the Pride flag emoji, clearly symbolizing the unit’s intent and focus. This announcement was further solidified in a follow-up tweet, where Daewang deliberated on the unit’s name, < ToTh6y >.

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The masked star explained the thoughtful consideration behind it: the name signifies a message “To. They” — an inclusive gesture towards the LGBTQ+ community. Its other meaning comes from the similarities the unit name has to the word “today,” which signifies the members urging for happiness and unity in the present.

Meanwhile, the numeral “6” cleverly encompasses the five members and their fans while also being a personal favorite number of Daewang.

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Daewang’s surprise has sparked immense interest and support from fans around the globe, particularly from queer fans who have long sought more representation and advocacy within the K-Pop scene. Details about which members will join this subunit and the specific type of music they will produce remain undisclosed. However, the anticipation builds as Daewang promises the unit’s completion by summer, hinting at a vibrant, perhaps even revolutionary, musical endeavor ahead.

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Fan reactions on Reddit. | Reddit

As PinkFantasy embarks on this ambitious project, they not only challenge the norms within K-Pop but also offer a beacon of hope and representation for queer fans and artists alike.

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