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K-Pop Translators Spill The Tea On Whether They’re Allowed To Talk To Idols

The truth is much different from what fans think.

Joined by K-Pop translator Sandra Jung, former translator and current YouTuber Jin Ho Bae shattered illusions about their job and shared the truth about working for famous artists. One of the topics they shed light on was whether or not they’re allowed to chat with idols.

Sandra Jung with Jessi. | @sandrajung07/Instagram

Because translators spend a lot of time with idols and Korean actors throughout the day, some people make assumptions about their access to celebrities.

A lot of the fans think we’re very privileged to see the artists in person. Maybe you guys might think we get a chance to talk to them, eat with them, and have a chat.

— Jin Ho Bae

So Jin Ho Bae and Sandra Jung set the record straight by answering questions about the job, including whether they’re actually “allowed to talk to artists directly.

Crossing their arms to emphasize the seriousness, Jin Ho Bae and Sandra Jung revealed that it was completely off-limits to do so. However, there was one exception to the rule.

Although translators aren’t allowed to speak to idols for any reason, they can respond if idols speak to them first.

It’s actually a no. Unless the artist approaches you first, you are never supposed to talk to them directly for any personal reasons—or anything.

— Jin Ho Bae

Listen to Jin Ho Bae and Sandra Jung reveal how strict communication between idols and translators truly is.



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