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KARD BM’s Small Mistake Almost Got Him Into Major Trouble With Their Company

KARD‘s BM moved from the United States to Seoul twelve years ago to pursue his dreams. The Korean American idol didn’t even speak Korean at the time, except for a few words. It resulted in a funny situation that almost got him into major trouble with their company.


Remembering the many times that the Korean language wasn’t on BM’s side, J.seph mentioned their company’s group chat.

He shared the original message that BM intended to send to the company. J.seph said, “He was supposed to say, ‘Thank you, director.’” However, things quickly went wrong from one single mistake.

Instead of expressing his thanks, BM hilariously sent a message that could’ve been interpreted negatively. J.seph revealed, “But he said, ‘You’re sneaky, director.’

Making matters worse, BM couldn’t even apologize for the misspelling because he didn’t even realize it. J.seph explained, “The problem was, he doesn’t know what it means, so he couldn’t even say he’s sorry.

Since they admitted that BM “misspells a lot” of Korean words, the company probably realized it was yet another mistake and didn’t take it seriously. But a different idol would’ve faced major consequences for saying such a thing to a company director.

In the same way foreign idols playfully use the excuse of not understanding something to get out of trouble, BM can do the same for not being a native Korean speaker.



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