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KISS OF LIFE’s Belle Discovers She Won A Composer’s Award… After Someone Else Accepted It On Her Behalf

“I didn’t know I won the award.”

KISS OF LIFE created a buzz before they even debuted, with the talented members making a name for themselves within the industry long before they were in the group.

(From left:) KISS OF LIFE’s Belle, Natty, Julie, and Haneul | @kissoflife_s2/Instagram

KISS OF LIFE’s main vocalist, Belle, recently appeared on soloist Lee Mujin‘s musical talk show, Leemujin Service, where she was able to show off her vocal talents and discuss how she made an impact within the industry before her debut.

KISS OF LIFE’s Belle | @mujin_plz/Twitter

Pre-debut, Belle worked for SM Entertainment as a songwriter and has songwriting credits for multiple artists, including LE SSERAFIM and (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon.

She went viral after singing the verse she wrote for LE SSERAFIM’s song “Unforgiven” on a radio program.

Thanks to the song’s success, Belle won a composer’s award only ten days after her debut but revealed to Lee Mujin that she wasn’t informed of the feat until after the award had already been accepted… by someone else.

Belle was awarded the “Grand Prize For 100 Proud Koreans” award in the composer’s category, which she was informed about in the middle of KISS OF LIFE’s showcase.

After her manager revealed Belle had won the award, she was then told that her father, Shim Shin, who was a popular singer in the ’90s, accepted it in her place.

Belle shared that she searched for articles about her award after the showcase ended, only to hilariously see media photos of her dad “proudly holding up the award.

Belle recently opened up about her relationship with her father and how becoming an idol made her view her upbringing differently.

Check out more on that in the article below!

How KISS OF LIFE’s Belle Feels After Following In Her Celebrity Father’s Footsteps



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