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Korean Woman Goes Viral For Her Husband’s Unexpected “Late Night Problem”

Should it be “fixed” at all?

On Blind, one of Korea’s online communities, a Korean woman shared a post about her husband’s “addiction problem,” calling it the root cause of her marriage going south.

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The post, titled “Such An Immature Husband,” said that the woman had known about her husband being a teenager at heart since the two started dating. But she didn’t expect it to continue well into their shared lives.

The woman’s post. | Blind

[Such An Immature Husband]

I knew since we were dating, though. I’m keeping him because who else is going to want this man-child?

— Woman

The woman said that she noticed him leaving the bedroom for hours, late at night. He’d sneak into the office room, where the computers are, and spend the night there. At first, the woman assumed he “might be watching porn.” She wanted to respect his personal time, so she didn’t intervene.

Until he couldn’t get up in the morning, that was. When he started sleeping in too late and even missing work, she decided it was time to pull the plug. So, in an attempt to figure out what he had been doing all night, she “raided” him one night.

Exceeding all her worst expectations…

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…she found her husband eating shrimp chips and watching the National Geographic channel!

| National Geographic Korea/YouTube

Mother Nature and all her wonders had the husband 100% fixated, all night long. When the woman decided to hide the mouse, to stop him from using the computer at night, the husband stuffed the woman’s bag and shoes with Lego before running off to work!

The woman wrapped up the post, commenting that she should’ve listened when her in-laws “warned” her about it.

The post went viral, spreading across other online communities, collecting different opinions from Korean netizens. Some irritable Koreans were quick to criticize the husband for being irresponsible toward his wife and his career. Most, though, found the post to be a cute little tale about the endearing ups and downs of married life!

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