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LAPILLUS’ Cover Of “Salamat” By Filipino Singer Yeng Constantino Is The Perfect Choreography Tutorial To Follow For Teacher’s Day

Here’s why that’s so!

Filipinos are celebrating Teacher’s Day on October 5, 2022. It is the time when students all over the Philippines show their appreciation for their class advisors and favorite professors.

A certain song is often performed by younger generations on this special occasion: Yeng Constantino‘s “Salamat” (2007). It is an emotional anthem thanking the listener for staying by their side, the lyrics going, “This song is for you…thank you, thank you.”

Students would usually have to make their own choreographies to accompany this Pinoy song, but not this time! MLD Entertainment‘s rookie girl group, LAPILLUS, has a dance that most people can follow instead.

It was a more official version of what they performed in their Philippine mall tour. The fans in Market! Market! were given a first look at their cover of the iconic Pinoy song.

Like the usual K-Pop choreographies, it started with an introduction where all members were given the spotlight.

It was ideal for class outputs as a large part of the performance was just the members singing and swaying in place.

The actual dance portion was playful and fun, with some moves reminiscent of games that children play together.

As anticipated, Filipino students really did end up using the K-Pop girl group’s steps to accompany their serenades to their teachers. One TikTok video showed a group of boys and girls following LAPILLUS’ moves while their advisor was given a special front row seat.

Their “Salamat” cover definitely has the potential to be used for future Teacher’s Day performances in the coming years!

LAPILLUS | Manila Concert Scene/YouTube

Source: YouTube and Twitter



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