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LAPILLUS’s Chanty Opens Up About Leaving Her Career In The Philippines To Pursue Her Dream Of Becoming A K-Pop Idol

Idol Chanty officially made her K-Pop debut on June 20, 2022, with the six-member group LAPILLUS.

LAPILLUS | @official.lapillus/Twitter

The group released their debut song, “Hit Ya!,” introducing the talented members with their impressive dancing and vocal talents.

LAPILLUS’s Chanty seems like a natural in front of the camera, likely because of her already established career as an actress and model in the Philippines, where she is known as Chantal Videla. The Filipina Argentian star explained that she modeled for malls and appeared in television commercials before being recruited to the talent agency Star Magicthe same agency that managed 2NE1 Dara‘s acting career in the Phillippines from 2004-2007.

LAPILLUS’s Chanty in 2018 | @itsmaria.chantal/Instagram

While with Star Magic, Chanty was approached with an opportunity to become a K-Pop trainee, which she revealed was her ultimate dream. With the chance to achieve her goal, she decided to move to Korea and begin life as a trainee.

Chanty’s debut teaser photo | @official.lapillus/Instagram

When Chanty’s K-Pop debut was officially announced by her new company MLD Entertainment, her loyal fanbase embraced actress and model Chantal Videla’s transition to K-Pop idol Chanty.

| @official.lapillus/Instagram

The multi-talented idol took a risk leaving her career in the Philippines for a chance to debut in K-Pop, as it’s well-known that becoming a trainee doesn’t guarantee that a person will debut. Taking that courageous step to leave her home, family, and everything she knew to pursue her true dream allowed her to become a member of LAPILLUS.

Chanty spilled on what she learned by making that inspiring yet intimidating decision.

Being in a different country by myself helped me learn many things I wouldn’t be able to learn if I had just stayed in the Philippines. I’m pretty much amazed with how much growth I had, just within the year that I’ve been in Korea.

— Chanty

The LAPILLUS member grew up in a large family with six siblings with whom she’s very close. She reflected on what it’s been like being apart from her family.

In the Philippines, my mom was there. Even my brothers drove for me… but coming here to Korea, I don’t have anyone else to do it for me. It made me pretty much more independent, and I learned many things just by talking to different people with different cultures [and] backgrounds. It’s pretty cool.

— Chanty

Now that she’s achieved her dream of debuting, she shared she wants to work hard to reach new heights with LAPILLUS and declared their goal is to become global stars.

For more on Chanty’s journey to becoming a K-Pop idol, check out her full interview below!



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