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LE SSERAFIM Yunjin’s Recent Post Following “Starbucks” Controversy Angers Netizens

“I will make countless mistakes and countless redemptions…”

LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin has found herself at the center of a controversy that has disappointed many fans and netizens — especially international ones. The star was spotted sipping from a Starbucks cup while she was entering the IU concert venue, where LE SSERAFIM were invited as a guest.

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Starbucks has been under fire since November 2023 following allegations of promoting anti-Palestine ideals and reportedly terminating employees who expressed support for Palestine on social media. This led to a widespread boycott aimed at stopping the company’s alleged contributions to the ongoing genocide.

Yunjin’s casual consumption of Starbucks stirred up a storm among fans who are deeply concerned about the implications of such actions, especially coming from an influential K-Pop idol.

Fans online claim that their disappointment is not unwarranted, given Yunjin’s history with the brand. She had previously faced backlash for a now-deleted Instagram post featuring a Starbucks cup, an incident that fans hoped had taught the idol about the gravity of the situation. However, her recent appearance with the brand has reignited criticism, with some fans accusing her of ignorance regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Adding to the fire, Yunjin’s post on Weverse following the end of LE SSERAFIM’s EASY era fell short of appeasing fans disappointed in her decision to continue drinking Starbucks.

In her message, Yunjin reflects on the recent promotions, expressing gratitude towards everyone involved in the album and sharing her personal growth since the group’s debut. She acknowledges the louder voices of their fanbase, FEARNOTs, and mentions her ongoing journey of learning and making mistakes.

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However, the absence of a direct apology or acknowledgment of the Starbucks controversy has particularly irked many fans. Yunjin’s vague allusions to making mistakes and wanting to share her growth process with fans have been perceived as insufficient by some.


Many netizens feel that a more explicit apology and a clearer stance on the controversy would have been more appropriate, considering the idol’s influence and the sensitivity of the issue at hand.

Hi everyone it’s Yunjin.

Our long-awaited EASY promotion is already over. A lot of people’s blood, sweat, and tears have been poured into this album — our company, staff, directors, members! Thank you so much for your hard work.

Time is such a fickle thing. The months waiting for Feb 19th felt like swimming in honey, but the three weeks following it melted in the blink of an eye.

This album was… not easy, but also not hard; exhausting, but somehow never too exhausting for laughter; gratifying but also deeply humbling.

But I noticed that Fearnot’s voices have gotten a lot louder. Amidst gratitude, I also strangely saw myself in you all. At the beginning of our debut, I was (surprising, I know!) very shy, and remember often lowering my voice in fear of being intrusive and unpleasant to those around me. Not to say I am now completely free of that anxiety, but I suppose when we exchange good influences, even our voices can grow together like this. In our own space, at our own pace so that we can shout out a more proud name when we meet again.

I am still so lacking and have so much to learn. I am worlds away from understanding this one world. I will make countless mistakes and countless redemptions, yet I know that proficiency and perfection will stay a lifelong battle. Still, I want to keep trying, falling, and getting back on my feet, and — although there are things I can and cannot say — I also want to share this process with you. That way, when you stumble, you too can find the courage to stand up again. And perhaps in the future, we both will have grown into the version of us of which we dream.

Man, I’m writing this like we’re not seeing each other again, but you know it’s not like that, right? LOL I’ll see you soon. Cause, like you, we are everywhere and anywhere.

With love, Yunjin

— Yunjin’s post via Weverse

| @jenaissante/Instagram

As the situation unfolds, fans and netizens wait to see if Yunjin will address the controversy more directly in the future.



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