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LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Opens Up About Their Viral “High Speed Reaction” Performance And Why She Gets Nervous Dancing To “FEARLESS”

She didn’t need to be worried!

LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae recently graced the front pages of Weverse Magazine in an exclusive online interview. She opened up about everything from her role in the group to the moments on camera that she found slightly embarrassing.


She also mentioned their university festival performances. The most memorable one was when they went viral last September for a short clip taken at Yonsei. The girls barely had enough time to walk on stage, greet their fans, and get into their positions before the music was unexpectedly turned on.

[It’s] a school festival, so the music starts playing as soon as the students in charge turn it on.

— Eunchae

To everyone’s amazement, they all started dancing without missing a beat. It was even more surprising once it became public that the girls were not given any cue to help them gauge when the music was about to be played. According to Eunchae, she could just tell it was coming.

I was already ready to put my legs in the air because I was expecting the music to start without warning.

— Eunchae

This was all thanks to LE SSERAFIM’s frequent practice sessions before debut—so frequent, in fact, that the “Bam ba ba ba ba bam” introduction was drilled into their bones. They can now instinctively sense when the music is about to play and react instantly. Before reaching this point, however, it made Eunchae nervous to perform “FEARLESS” due to this lack of warning.

It always makes me nervous since we have to start the dance as soon as the music starts. We practiced really hard before our debut so we would be able to do it even when the music starts right away. So my legs already started moving and the rest of my body had to catch up.

— Eunchae

The amount of practice they put in for “FEARLESS” was replicated in their first comeback song “ANTIFRAGILE.” They worked incredibly hard to perfect the complicated choreography to the point where every move felt absolutely natural for them to do.

For example, in ‘ANTIFRAGILE,’ even though it seems like I use the same hip movements for all the different parts, I have to move my hips hard for the part where we sing, ‘Right now I’m on my way,’ and for the ‘anti ti ti’ part, I have to move my hips more subtly, so they all feel different for each part. So I put a lot of thought into which parts need a lot of strength and which I should relax for more while practicing.

— Eunchae

They all know the dance of “ANTIFRAGILE” by heart. Eunchae added that the five members could go through the exact same situation in Yonsei where the music might play when they’re unprepared and they would still be able to perform as if they had all the time in the world.

I’ve practiced ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ so many times, too, that I think I can get the vibe across anytime, anywhere.

— Eunchae

One thing is certain: LE SSERAFIM is a group who is always prepared for anything that comes their way!

Check out the full video below to see the viral performance in question.



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