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MAMAMOO’s Solar Is 100% Relatable As She Fangirls While Meeting BoA, Becoming A Successful Fan

Her fangirling is adorable!

Many K-Pop idols are fans of the idols that have debuted before them, often citing them as why they pursued joining the entertainment industry. Fans of MAMAMOO‘s Solar know her to be a huge fan of SM Entertainment idol BoA and she recently became a successful fan by meeting her on stage!

MAMAMOO’s Solar | @solarkeem/Instagram

BoA | @boakwon/Instagram


Solar has previously discussed how she became such a huge fan of BoA, including why she loves her so much!

I really like our senior BoA. I was a fan since I was young, and listened to her song a lot. Out of them…I listened to ‘Garden In The Air’ a lot. When that song came out, I think I saw an interview when I was young that I wanted to try a new genre a new vibe. So when I first heard it, ‘wow this is totally fresh.’

— Solar

She’s even revealed that her song “I’m Your Fan” was written with her feelings about BoA in mind.

Fans were understandably excited for Solar when MAMAMOO were announced to appear on JTBC‘s K-909 to perform their new song “ILLELLA” because BoA would be hosting the show!

From the moment that the group’s interview started, Solar was too excited about being close to her favorite! The other members made sure she was sitting as close as possible to BoA much to her joy.

As the interview begins, Solar maintains her composure until she gets so excited that she forgets what question was asked, causing BoA to laugh good-naturedly at her behavior.

BoA even tells Solar that she “missed her very much” during one portion of the show, causing Solar to lose it once again.

In a pro-fan move, Solar takes the opportunity to tell BoA about how long she has been a fan and how she kept up with all of her albums, even ones that were harder to keep up with like her many Japanese releases. BoA seems surprised at this as she personally knows how difficult that must have been.

In what is probably her peak moment of the show, Solar gets the chance to make eye contact with BoA for a few seconds as part of a game. The other members try to get her to make eye contact with her idol for 10 seconds which BoA says is long, probably thinking of how embarrassed Solar would get trying to do so.

The second Solar makes eye contact with BoA, who is making a heart, she screams from excitement and immediately covers her face.

It’s easy to imagine how excited Solar was to have finally been able to meet her favorite idol and become a successful fan. Fans are even hopeful that a musical collaboration may happen in the future! Check out the group’s performance on the show below!




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