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Mark Explains Why He Couldn’t Imagine Being The Leader Of NCT 127

He hypothetically discusses being the leader of NCT 127 or “maknae” of NCT DREAM.

NCT‘s Mark graced the October 2023 cover of Esquire Korea in collaboration with Polo Ralph Lauren, a sub-brand of designer Ralph Lauren, which he officially became a brand ambassador for a year ago.

NCT’s Mark | @esquire.korea/Instagram

To celebrate the feature, he sat down with the magazine to answer questions about NCT U‘s recent “Baggy Jeans” promotions, viral videos of himself, and some of his favorite NCT moments.

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

During the interview, Mark also played the “balance game” and was presented with an “either/or” scenario in which he had to choose which of the two options he would prefer.

One of the options presented to him was, “Which position seems harder? The leader of NCT 127 or the youngest member in NCT DREAM.

NCT 127 | @nct127/Instagram
NCT DREAM | @nct_dream/Instagram

Mark, the oldest member of NCT DREAM, jokingly said he was already the maknae of the sub-unit.

As for NCT 127, he feels like “all the nine members are leaders.” He added there was “no meaning” to being the leader of NCT 127 because every member is “doing great.

Mark concluded because the members are already so strong in NCT 127, he finds it “hard to imagine being a leader.”

Check out more from Mark’s Esquire Korea interview below!




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