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Meet The Viral, Up-And-Coming Rapper Whose “Questionable” Lyrics Left The Whole Internet In Confusion

Though it originated with Black Americans in the 1970s, hip-hop has spread worldwide and is not limited to specific demographics. While appropriation can sometimes be an issue, many different ethnicities, including Asians, have been able to use the genre as a form of expression.

Korean rapper Sik-K | GQ Korea

Recently, a rapper has gone super viral online, all related to a single lyric.

In early February 2024, a clip began circulating of a man holding a Shin Ramen and rapping into a ceiling microphone. While this might not sound exceptional, the lyrics had many reacting with surprise and confusion.

That ch*nk a lame, that ch*nk a bitch, that ch*nk a pussy
We got henny, we got shanks, we got cookie
I f*ck so much p*ssy, I might switch to b*ssy.

— The lyrics of the above clip

The usage of the slurs was startling to some, but the final line is what attracted the most attention. B*ssy is a combination of the word boy and p*ssy and is used to describe the anus, usually in terms of gay sex.

Rap music is still dominated by stereotypical masculinity, so this line being said so casually, combined with the rapper’s appearance and first two lyrics led to many expressing surprise. Clips posted racked up millions of views, and spread on every social media platform.

Some questioned if the rapper was aware of the meaning of what he said, which is a microaggression in part fueled by some non-English speakers rapping random phrases to sound cool.

That is not the case in this circumstance, but who is this viral rapper?

Eric Repid (Shi Yi Liu) is a 25-year-old musician based in Vancouver, Canada.

Eric Repid | Eric Repid/Facebook

He has been active since at least 2017, and his 2020 release “Cold World” earned him a nomination for “Rap Recording of the Year” at the Juno Awards of 2021. Drake previously won this award, and Repid was the only independent nominee.

| Eric Repid/Facebook

The viral clip comes from his most recent release, “Suki.” Repid shared a live mic performance the day the song dropped, posting that particular moment on his TikTok account.


SUKI out now

♬ original sound – Riddy

The artist has many other songs, and you can check out the full “Suki” performance below.



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