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Mother Of Eight Goes Viral After Suing Husband Over His Terrible Secret

Recently, the story of a woman suing her husband of nearly ten years over his terrible secret has piqued the attention of netizens.

The 33-year-old woman from China is suing her 61-year-old ex-husband, whom she married in 2015. The couple have eight children together, with five sons and three daughters.

The woman in concern, with her eight children | Baidu

The woman, who is from a wealthy family in Sichuan, met the man online when she was 23. Despite the fact that he lied about his profession to her, the two started a romantic relationship.

Showing her marriage certificate to the media, she revealed that they had planned to have ten kids because her husband thought at least one of the children would be successful.” According to the birth certificates of their eight children, all of them were born in the United States to a surrogate mother, which approximately cost more than CNY 10 million Yuan (USD 1.4 Million Dollars).

The woman shared the evidence document showing their legal marriage | Baidu

However, her dream of creating a happy family disappeared when she discovered that her husband, who had moved overseas, had filed a lawsuit against her, asking her to return all the assets he claimed to have given her. The betrayal got worse when she realized that he also had another wife.

Subsequently, the woman left her “husband” and is suing him and his family to obtain child support worth CNY 200,000 Yuan (USD 28,000 Dollars) per month, stating that she cannot raise all eight children on her own.

In response, the man’s family has said that they would either raise the children if she was willing to hand over their custody to them completely, or they would seek a legal remedy for the situation. The woman refused to give up her children.

She additionally sued the man of bigamy and demanded CNY 200 million Yuan (USD 28.2 million Dollars). In October 2023, the case came to trial, but the decision is still pending. As the woman awaits justice, the case has gone public, drawing much attention from Chinese netizens, who all sided with the mother and rooted for a decision in her favor.

Source: South China Morning Post



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